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The Parkland and Coral Springs family law attorneys at Lyons, Snyder & Collin represent clients in all contested and uncontested family law matters throughout South Florida. If you or a loved one requires legal representation in a divorce, modification or enforcement (time sharing, child support, alimony, etc.), paternity action or prenuptial / post-nuptial agreement , it is important to immediately contact one of our experienced family law attorneys.

Listening + Caring + Dedication = Results

Parkland and Coral Springs family law attorneys Sean L. Collin and Philip M. Snyder aggressively protect their clients’ best interests in all family law matters. Both Mr. Collin and Mr. Snyder are former Assistant State Attorneys with the Broward County State Attorney’s Office and have extensive motion practice and trial experience. Our motion practice and trial experience allows us to aggressively pursue all legal avenues to your family law case.

Unlike most family law attorneys, in addition to their Juris Doctorate degrees, Sean L. Collin and Philip M. Snyder obtained Master’s Degrees in Business Administration. This distinction affords our family law attorneys the ability to better counsel you in cases involving forensic accountants and business evaluations or in cases involving complex financial assets.

Additionally, Mr. Collin and Mr. Snyder are both fathers to young children. As a result, our family law attorneys understand how important it is for the Court to award as much time-sharing as possible to our clients.

We realize family law cases are stressful and this is likely your first interaction with the judicial system. You can trust our family law attorneys to listen to your concerns, stay in contact with you in a consistent and timely manner, and “hold your hand” every step of the way. We will treat your case like it was own – we will not let you down.

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